Our roots

The rich history and experience of both collaborating companies – Attero and Twence – come together in Dutch Recycling. Early in the last century, one of Attero's predecessors (VAM) was already composting waste from the seat of the Dutch government, The Hague, to use in cultivating the peat districts in the northern province of Drenthe. Both companies are pioneers when it comes to incinerating waste with an eye to achieving optimal efficiency for the production of energy. In the past few years that efficiency has increased even more thanks to the production of thermal energy in addition to electricity. Twence provides steam to a local site of chemical company AkzoNobel for use in the production of salt, for example. Attero provides heat from its plant in Moerdijk to the nearby Shell Chemicals plant and from its site in Wijster to animal feed manufacturer Noblesse Proteins.

With the contributions of Twence and Attero, Dutch Recycling is a frontrunner when it comes to the (ongoing) development of procedures and techniques for expanding the reuse and recycling of waste materials. As raw materials become more and more scarce, waste is no longer just waste, but rather a source of raw materials. To achieve the most efficient recovery of raw materials, waste is not always processed in the country that produced it, but instead wherever the best techniques are available. That means that the importing and exporting of waste will soon be just as common as the international trade in raw materials is now.